Marketing meets AI

Come l’intelligenza artificiale sta rivoluzionando il mondo del marketing.
L’intelligenza artificiale e il machine learning stanno già trasformando il panorama tecnologico. Dagli assistenti digitali ai software di riconoscimento delle immagini e alle auto che si guidano da sole.
Quello che una volta era fantascienza sta diventando realtà.
Ma cosa significa esattamente per i marketing executives e per l’advertising?

Sasha Wijeyesekera Head of Business Development, Cerved
Enrico Quaroni CEO Sizmek
Luca Zambrelli eCommerce Director, Dolce & Gabbana
Luca Mascaro CEO Sketchin

12:45 12:50 Introduzione Sasha Wijeyesekera
12:50 13:00 Marketing meets AI Sasha Wijeyesekera
Abstract: Develop a simple and clear strategy to drive marketing success leveraging AI. Easier said than done. What’s happening out there? What trends can we expect for the future?
13:00 13:10 How AI and Machine Learning are transforming the Advertising world Enrico Quaroni
Abstract: Now more than ever we are living in a fast changing world and advertising is traditionally an innovation oriented ecosystem. Nowadays, thanks to machine learning and big data, marketing departments are becoming more and more technology hubs for companies internal and external development. To transform big data in real value, marketing professionals have to learn how to use them in an efficient and effective way, discriminating real partners and technologies from self-nominated data wizards and artificial intelligence hypnotists.
13:10 13:20 Emotional shopping with AI Luca Zambrelli
Abstract: We sell emotions. Maybe dreams that can become emotions. And maybe products that turn dreams into reality. Data and algorithms can be warm and help us uncover new scenarios, previously considered impossible. Digital is not cold. It’s very hot.
13:20 13:30 The Great Data Swindle: how to shape the Customer Experience strategy through Data Luca Mascaro
Abstract: Shaping the customer experience through data seems cool but a big villain is waiting just behind the corner. Companies have to cope with the paradox of the stork during the discovery and design process if they want to improve the experience through data.

Quando: 12:45 – 13:30
Sala: Next Arena
Dove: Cerved Next, l’evento sulla Data-Driven economy. 5 luglio 2018, East End Studios – Milano