Driving the analytics revolution: insights and industry perspectives from leading minds

This analytics revolution requires a deep understanding of humans as well as machines and data. Without this understanding, it’s impossible for analysts to be clear on the purpose and goals of a project, explore new and different ways to define use cases, and be empathetic toward customers and employees – all prerequisites for success. Moreover, this understanding is necessary for data scientists to communicate the output of statistical models as compelling stories for executive decision makers.

To do that the first question is: does your data have a purpose?
Let’s make data analytics work for you – instead the other way around.

Who will lead us?
He prefers Gandalf to Dumbledore. He’s a great fan of The Boss (of course Bruce Springsteen).
He is the CEO of QuantumBlack, a London-based company, part of McKinsey Company, a pioneer in the use of big data and advanced analytics to improve organizational performance.
He will be in Milan for Cerved Next and will tell us how to drive the analytics revolution.
Don’t miss Jeremy Palmer.

Con Jeremy Palmer CEO QuantumBlack (a McKinsey Company)

Quando: 11:45 – 12:10
Sala: Next Arena
Dove: Cerved Next, l’evento sulla Data-Driven economy. 5 luglio 2018, East End Studios – Milano